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My Story

Oh Panda Eyes was founded by little ol' me here in the heart of East London!

Oops, I haven't even introduced myself, 'ello everyone I'm Mariyam and I love books and I guess you do too! 

The shop began as a hobby, a way to be creative despite the hum drum of city life taking over and it turned into just that, my creative outlet, my happy place and I'm glad to report, it still is to this day. 

My love for books started as a child, mum would tell me wondrous tales from One Thousand and One Nights or Arabian Nights (as it’s best known) before bedtime. I didn’t realise it then, but it would be an important part of my life and shaped my 'adulthood', whatever that is.

Since opening, Oh Panda Eyes has come leaps and bounds in the most extraordinary ways.

  • I now have a piece of jewellery in every continent, except the North and South pole (maybe one day).

  • I have worked with a whole host of incredible authors and publishing houses on book and blogger events such as Chicken House, Bloomsbury, Orion, Pan Macmillan, Simon & Schuster and hopefully many more in the future.

  • I've also been very blessed to work with a whole host of incredible businesses on pieces for their subscription boxes, such as... Fairyloot, Book Box Club, Illumicrate, A Bookish Flickering, Decentred Lit to name a few! 

  • I even started my own box and special parcels that celebrate beautiful stories, epic bookish goodies and exclusive pieces of Oh Panda Eyes jewellery. ​

  • You may have even spotted me at London Film & Comic Con as a stall holder, or joined my Jewellery Making workshop!

My Story: About Us
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